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About the Guests

Equine Communication

Join Elaine for a journey into the heart, mind, & soul of one of the most amazing creatures on the planet – THE HORSE.

Whether you are looking to improve your current relationship with your equine friend, or whether you are a beginner/returnee searching for something more than what traditional lessons offer, Elaine can help you to “Speak Horse”.

Having a lifelong passion for horses, Elaine has spent the past decade developing her skills & understanding of Natural Horsemanship & Horse Behavior.  Her journey has led her to study with some of the world’s finest master horsemen. As a Certified Riding Instructor, Elaine teaches an approach to riding from the horse’s perspective – allowing both horse & rider to share a deeper understanding that allows for better communication, partnership, safety, AND not to mention - FUN!
Elaine is regularly featured on the monthly magazine show, “Talkin Horses” on the Nicker Network:

As a freelance trainer/instructor, Elaine is available for Lessons, Training Sessions, Clinics, Demonstrations, & Corporate Workshops. Please feel free to call or email her anytime. (631) 320-3466      

“You can’t hurt a horse without hurting yourself, and you can’t help a horse without helping yourself”.

~Elaine Cardillo~
Elaine Cardillo      Elaine Cardillo



Sonny Garguilo

Born in Brooklyn N.Y. the farthest place from a horse you can find, Sonny Garguilo had his first encounter with this majestic animal at the world famous Coney Island. Most kids wanted to go on the Cyclone, an old wooden roller coaster known for its shaky frame. As for Sonny, he was the first on line to ride the ponies in the steeple chase.

His dad was an avid rider as a younger man and volunteered at the local stable in Forest Hills, Queens where there were thirty hacks on 1/2 acre. He would sit and tell stories of all the crazy horses he rode. This just fed into Sonny's passion for the horse.

At the age of 14 Sonny begged and pleaded to go to a dude ranch and they did every year after. When he was finally old enough to drive, he would ride every weekend at stables all over the city. Sonny was married at the age of 23 and owned his first horse at the age of 33. Even owning his horse Sonny really didn't understand the true relationship with his horse. What he did have was the passion.

Sonny & America


In 1998 he went to a horse expo that changed his life and the way he looked at the horse. He saw Josh Lyons (who is now his mentor) do things like sit a horse down, ride bridlelsss (nothing on the horse’s head at all) and just a relationship that was one he had never seen between a man and his horse. He wanted to know more. Sonny attended numerous clinics that Josh was involved with, but the turning point that really projected Sonny into Natural Horsemanship was over a Ping Pong game, yes a Ping Pong game. Sonny had been at a clinic in PA. with Josh for 7 days. In that time their friendship grew closer. They played endless Ping Pong at night, talking horse and betting hats against watches for fun. At the end of that clinic Josh insisted Sonny come out to his ranch for a couple of weeks to train with him. Josh saw something in Sonny that was Natural (no pun intended). So for 14 days Sonny spent learning and talking and living Natural Horsemanship. Sonny and Josh are still good friends today. Sonny still travels in between his busy schedule to find the time to see and train with his dear friend, Josh Lyons.

Today Sonny is one of the country’s leading Natural Horseman trainers and clinicians. Sonny with his horse and partner SIS has wowed audiences from 50 people at a charity fund raiser to 5,000 at the Belmont Race Track opening day. At this time in 2007 Sonny has 16 horses under his training and he is also teaching clinics. Recently Sonny was involved in the filming of a movie with horses and has been asked to participate in a Wild Mustang challenge, in which Sonny will take a wild Mustang for 100 days and compete against 49 other trainers across the country.




Tony Simonetti

Tony Simonetti is one of the first people to bring Natural Horsemanship to Long Island. Approximately 12 years ago Tony and his brothers traveled with their horses and learned from the best of the best in Natural Horsemanship. Tony has always prided himself in studying the works of all of the top teachers of horsemanship. Tony's theory is "the more tools you have in your tool box the better!!." Two of Tony's top picks for horsemanship programs are Pat and Linda Parelli"s PNH and Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship.

Tony Simonetti is a successful clinician and trainer having done numerous clinics and demonstrations in the Northeast. He has successfully trained hundreds of extremely difficult horses right here on long Island and has a broad client base ranging from top English show trainers to the every day back yard barn owner wanting to just safely trail ride.

Tony Simonetti

One of the things that drives Tony Simonetti is seeing people searching for answers succeed beyond their wildest dreams.  Tony founded the New York Natural Equestrians in the year 2000 with the intent of putting like minded people together to practice and share share  tools, techniques, information, support and most of all positive energy and encouragement to progress together in their horsemanship journey.  This group at this time is currently thriving and the success of its individuals can be be observed at any of NYNH  events posted on the events calendar at

One of Tony’s tag lines is “keep it FUN!!” for both you and the horse.  Keeping directly in line with this theory Simonetti created a place to do just that where people can leave all else behind so as to connect and enjoy  training or just being with their horses.  Tony and his brothers numerous times traveled 24 hours one way to camp with their horses in the Ozark mountains in Missouri.  They had such a great time they figured its time for something like this closer to home and that is when he built Pure Country Campground.  Pure Country Campground is located in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains.   

Tony says he is totally impressed with all of his students and looks forward to seeing them all progress in the months and years to come.  He says that he has a current group of new comers that he expects will be fantastic with their horses before the end of summer.